Professional Wasp Nest Removal Service in Henley on Thames 

Do you need a wasp or hornet nest removal in Henley? 

We provide a professional wasp and hornet nest removal service all over Berkshire and South Oxfordshire including Henley, dealing with both species, our fully trained pest control technicians can be with you within hours of your call.  
One call is all that's needed and we can rid you of your wasp problem in minutes, we use professional strength insecticides and a variety of application equipment to resolve the issue. 
All our wasp treatments are fully guaranteed and we even include any additional nests that we find without further charge - when you call out Reading Pest Control you know that you won't stung by our charges. 

How we carryout the wasp nest treatment in Henley 

There are two types of wasp nest treatment for customers in Henley and these fall into two categories - Removal and Void Treatment:  
If the wasp nest is within reach of the technician, we will inject a powerful pesticide powder into the interior and remove the entire nest and contents from your home after about 20 minutes. 
If the wasp nest is hidden within a void we inject the powder into that void and this penetrates the nest killing the wasps that way, the powder has long lasting residual properties. 
Either treatment is guaranteed and activity should cease within about 4 hours of treatment. 

Professional wasp and hornet nest treatment throughout the Henley and Shiplake area 

Our technicians are all fully trained pest control professionals and we don’t run a ‘pop up’ company to deal with wasps just in the summer, our staff are holders of the RSPH Level 2 Pest Management qualification and more importantly; they’re all equipped with the best personal protective equipment. 
Wasp nest

Professional wasp treatments for Henley on Thames from a local company 

Wasps and hornets can nest anywhere: If you find a wasp nest in Henley, call a professional company to deal with the problem, we provide our technicians with full protective clothing and a range of chemicals. Our responsibility is to keep you safe and we do that through prompt service backed with a 100% guarantee. 

Professional wasp control - the wasps we deal with in Henley 

This is a visual guide to the different wasps and hornets that we would expect to find in the Bracknell area; the Asian hornet is a new invasive species that is currently colonising the South of the Country. 
Common wasp

Common Wasp 

German wasp

German Wasp 

Red Wasp

Red Wasp 

Median Wasp

Median Wasp 

Saxon wasp

Saxon Wasp 

German wasp

Tree Wasp 

Red Wasp

European Hornet 

Median Wasp

Asian Hornet 

Guaranteed Wasp and Hornet Treatments in Henley on Thames 

We provide pest control across the Henley area and throughout Berkshire for all types of property both domestic and commercial - we aim for a same day attendance for callouts to deal with wasps and hornets. 
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Need a wasp nest treated in Henley? 

Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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