Professional waste removal in Reading 
Here at Reading Pest Control we often get asked if we can provide a service to remove rubbish and this is a service that we can now offer to all our customers. We are licensed with the Environment Agency as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier and we can legally remove and dispose of waste on behalf of the public and other companies. 

Waste management in Reading from a local company. 

The type of waste that we deal in our line of work ranges from old, rotten redundant sheds and greenhouses that may have previously harboured rats at a property to a full-blown garden clearance; where we will cut back all the over growth.  
We often find that the rodents may have used an arboreal route into a property and we will remove ivy and climbing plants from the sides of houses as squirrels, mice and rats can all access the interior of a property by following the path of climbing plants; these grow up the sides of buildings and push up under roof tiles exposing the inside of the loft to infestation.  
An overgrown garden is a playground for rats and mice and once it has gotten beyond the average persons ability to control it and dispose of the waste then we can help by cutting back and clearing all the growth. 
This material can simply be taken to the local recycling site where we will have to pay to get it taken but you can be assured that it has correctly been disposed off and not just dumped in some quiet country lane. 

Waste management for rats and mice - professional waste clearance from a local company 

Rats, mice and squirrels are very inquisitive creatures and they will get inside a property if they can and if they end up somewhere rarely used like a loft or a storage room they will remain undetected for some time. 
The damage caused by rodents when undetected quickly gets out of hand and can become too much for many people to deal with, the damage is done through urine and faeces soiling and ruining stored items. 
Rodents will also gnaw on stored goods causing further damage and all these actions contaminates goods and stored items to the point where they can longer be used.  
All this material becomes very difficult to remove let alone handle and we can take this away for you; it’s only natural for us to remove these items and we can safely do this for you as we deal with rats and mice all year long. 
Mice and rats carry diseases and harmful bacteria, as qualified pest controllers we are used to working in these environments and do so safely. Don't take the risk - hire a professional company. 
Rat in hiding

Waste management for bird guano - hazardous material 

Here at Reading Pest Control we provide an extensive bird control service in Reading and throughout Berkshire and this activity can lead to a large amount of waste material to be removed. 
Often its going to be bird droppings and these are highly acidic and when laid on wooden decking which often forms the base of a balcony this material soon rots away. the wood. All this wood is contaminated and we can replace this with fresh boards and subframe when required, removing all the old decking for you. 
Along with the wood there will be an accumulation of guano (bird poo), old nesting material and even dead birds lying around, this material falls under the category of hazardous waste and must only be removed by a specialist contractor; we work with these to ensure that all the material is properly sealed and disposed of. 
Our waste is all taken away to authorised facilities and we keep documentation as required under the Waste Regulations 2011; consignment notes and transfer notes are held by for inspection. 

Reading Pest Control – local experts in waste management  We carryout pest control for many companies and these may find themselves holding onto a large amount of rubbish that has led to the infestation; more often that not just a simple task as changing the environment and removing harbourage, junk and containers that hold water which rats depend on for a drinking supply may sometimes be enough to clear away the problem.  

We carryout waste removal in Reading and throughout Berkshire; if you've had a pest problem and your left with all the waste then don't worry, one call and we can provide you with a no obligation quote to gets things all safe, clean and tidy. 
Professional waste control in Reading from a local company 
We are licensed waste carriers for your peace of mind 
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Need waste clearance in Reading? 
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