Professional wasp and hornet nest removal throughout Berkshire 

Total control of wasps and hornets throughout Reading and Berkshire. 

Wasp and hornet treatments for Reading and the surrounding area. 

Why are wasps such a nuisance in Reading? 
Wasps and hornets pose a particular problem for residents of Reading from spring through summer and into the autumn; they hibernate and emerge in early spring. 
You’re most likely to meet with wasps in Reading as hornets prefer wooded areas and the two species of wasp most encountered are the European or German wasp and the common wasp. 
The common wasp will usually be found in hollow walls and roofs of houses: these are aggressive and will attack en masse, the European wasp tends to make it’s nest in a bush or in a hole in the ground – these can be extremely aggressive and can be a major problem when found in the garden due to its less secure choice of nest site - both types of wasp should be considered as dangerous. 
Either way, both wasp species pose a hazard and should only be treated by a professional pest controller, wasps communicate through pheromones – airborne chemicals. These chemicals are released when they sting, when they die and even if they grab hold of your clothing; our technicians have protective clothing which is necessary when treating a wasp or hornet nest. 
With similar venom to wasps, hornets pack a more powerful punch and really should be avoided at all costs, they carry three times as much venom as wasps and the different chemical composition effects our pain receptors in a bad way. 
These giant insects are relatively docile and as long as you stay away from the entrance of the hornet nest you should be safe from getting stung. 
The Asian hornet is a new and invasive species reported as being found on the South Coast and in East Anglia – not recorded as being in Reading yet, but these spread along water courses so its a matter of time. These hornets are deadly to honey bees as they feed their larvae on the bee's themselves and they will rob the hive of its honey stores in the autumn meaning total destruction of the colony. 
Asian hornets have multiple Queens living together in a single nest meaning that hornet numbers are much higher than in European hornet nests and together with a powerful venom, these can be dangerous and should only be tackled by someone wearing sufficient PPE. Asian hornets are responsible for a number of fatalities across France.  
Our technicians are fully trained and armed with a variety of chemicals and application methods - wasp nest treatments should always be left to professional companies that are trained and insured. Once treated a wasp nest will react aggressively and we are on hand to monitor the activity and our technicians always wait to see a reduction in aggression before leaving you, where possible we remove the treated wasp nest. 
Hornet on branch

24 hour wasp and hornet call out 

Wasps and hornet nests in Reading are dealt with within 24 hours of getting a call out: potentially deadly we guarantee all our treatments to keep you safe. 
Wasps and hornets can nest anywhere: lofts, bushes, sheds and in the ground. If you find a wasp nest in Reading call out a professional company, we provide our technicians with full protective clothing and a range of chemicals. Our responsibility is to keep you safe and we do that through prompt service backed with a 100% guarantee 
Got a problem with wasps or hornets in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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