Balcony Cleaning and Pigeon Removal throughout Reading 
As part of our bird control work we carryout a lot of balcony clean ups and netting installation to prevent the birds from returning; pigeons nesting on balconies is a big problem in Reading and we can provide you with a cost effective solution that removes all the waste matter, leaves the balcony clean and your outdoor space bird free. 


Why are the pigeons nesting on our balcony? 
Pigeons or sometimes called the feral pigeon are really part of the dove family and as such their correct name is the rock dove and as their name suggests they are used to nesting on narrow rocky outcrops; window sills, building parapets and balconies all replicate their natural habitat. The birds make their nest from a few twigs and loads of guano or bird poo; this is very sticky and the birds will make a shallow 'bowl' type nest out of it to keep the egg's from rolling out. 
The birds prefer to roost and nest in numbers for safety so an average balcony offers some protection from the weather but also enough space for all or most of the flock as well, any furniture left out means this is an ideal place and they will set up home in a matter of days. 

Examples of work bird control work done in Reading for domestic and commercial customers 

Domestic Balcony Cleaning and Netting 
Clean balcony
Retail Units - Netting and Cleaning 
Commercial Netting and Cleaning 
No job is too small or too large from a single balcony to a industrial roof top 

Bird poo cleaning in Reading 

Leaving pigeons to see if they leave of their own accord is a big mistake; these birds will stay in one place for years, all the time defecating onto your property. Their poo is a rich mixture containing some very harmful organisms - fungus, bacteria, viruses, insects like intestinal worms and bloody sucking mites - this can all be cleaned away by a professional company. 
The build up of guano is very acidic and its will eat away at metals, stone, concrete and paintwork meaning that the cost of leaving it in place is hidden as you will incur costs for repairs and renovation. 
We can provide you with a no obligation quote for all your bird cleaning and proofing requirements - don't delay call us today. 

Reading Pest Control – your local experts in bird control and guano cleaning.  Your balcony is your outdoor space so don't let pigeons spoil it, by having it professional cleaned and proofing to prevent the birds from returning means that you can have this space back, and not only that. You can have doors open allowing fresh air in day or night safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to fly in.  

Pigeons are found throughout the Reading area and we offer a comprehensive proofing and cleaning service: netting, spiking and visual deterrents along with re-instating rotten decking – if you have got a bird problem then we have the solution. 
Professional bird control from Reading Pest Control 
Examples of the type of properties that are most affected by pigeons; these can be cleaned and proofed cheaply, giving you back that outdoor space. Aside from the health hazard, who wants to live with this mess? 
Dirty balcony
Clean balcony
Dirty balcony
Clean balcony

Waste Clearance in Reading 

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We are registered waste carriers: if you have a pigeon problem in Reading then we can provide a solution that includes cleaning and all waste removal. 
Got a problem with pigeons in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours 
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