Integrated Pest Management in Reading 

Successful pest control only comes from fully understanding the environment and dealing with not only the resident pest but its access point, any harbourage, water supplies and tackling these issues together as an integrated approach. 
No amount of poison put down for rats or mice will give you a pest free environment if their access point is through a faulty drain beneath the property or an open hole in the brickwork. Likewise if you are being plagued with wasps a broader treatment with the introduction of traps maybe the answer. 
At Reading Pest Control our ethos is to approach you infestation from an integrated pest management viewpoint, this starts with investigation into the actual species, its access point and travel routes and how we can bring about solid physical proofing to keep you pest free for the future. 
We don’t resort to the use of rodenticide at the outset when dealing with rats and mice; we use traps to remove the dead animals from your property. The use of poison for rats and mice means that they’ll often die in inaccessible areas leading to a revolting smell, flies and maggots, you’ve got one problem already so why add to it? 
Through tracking we use the animals to provide us with the answer to their access point, once we have that we have control of the situation and we can get you pest free. 
We don’t offer a set number of visits for a set price, likewise there are no gimmicky “special offers” in pest control and no “buy one get one free” deals. We just offer you a service that is determined to rid you of your pests for good, integrated pest management is the only way to do this. 
With integrated pest management most of our work is based on the investigation and proofing, all our proofing is included in the cost that we quote for your treatment. At Reading Pest Control we treat your property how we’d want pest control carried out on our property. There is no quick fix where two or three visits will solve the issue, professional pest control is about investigation, eradication and then control of the situation - and that’s what we do. 
We look at the wider environment, for issues like a rat infestation we ask the question - "Where are the rats coming from?", a simple investigation may reveal the one major flaw that allows this infestation to flourish. Without IPM it will continue and probably worsen over time - these photos are from a block of flats in Reading. Rats have been exiting the sewer for years, colonising the garden and becoming a nuisense, we found a broken rodding point that not only allowed rats out of the sewers but also into the building itself. 
Rodding point
Hole in ground
Repairs to rodding point
We carryout pest control in Reading and throughout Berkshire and work to exacting standards, all our technicians are qualified with the Royal Society for Public Health and members of a Government backed body that ensures maintenance of competence: when we say that our customers are our priority – we mean it. 
Got a problem with pests in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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