Professional cockroach control throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead. 

Total control of cockroaches in Reading and Caversham. 

Why are cockroaches such a problem in Reading? 

Cockroaches present a potential health hazard to residents and food premise customers all over Reading, their reclusive nature of hiding in cracks and crevices and their nocturnal habit means that a cockroach infestation is often missed in the early stages. 
Cockroaches spread harmful bacteria in any kitchen which results in food poisoning for the occupants, food retail premises will be closed by Environmental Health on the discovery of cockroaches until the infestation is cleared up so monitoring may be an option for a commercial premise. 
Usually cockroaches are found in unsanitary kitchens; the build up of discarded organic matter gives them a food source and the lack of attention to cleaning means that they have harbourage and will be given time to establish an infestation through breeding. 
We often see cockroaches in multiple occupancy buildings like flats; these buildings often have common voids for the distribution of water and electricity and cockroaches utilise these voids, travelling from the infested flat to others in the building. 
Maintaining a clean environment will help to keep cockroaches at bay, as will removing rubbish from kitchen bins on a daily basis. For commercial customers we provide pest control monitoring for cockroaches as well as rats and mice. 
Dead cockroach

Cockroach extermination 

Successful cockroach extermination starts with good housekeeping, we use powerful insecticidal gels, traps and surface sprays to rid you of a cockroach infestation. Given the urgency of a treatment we will start to deal with your cockroach problem within 24 hours of call. 
Cockroaches are not just a commercial kitchen problem; we often see that people have bought them back to Reading from an overseas holiday.  
When travelling always keep your suitcase zipped shut when not in use. Another type of cockroach found in Reading and the surrounding area is the garden cockroach: this is a new migrant species to the UK and it is simply a form of garden insect and not regarded as a pest or any threat to human health. 
Got a problem with cockroaches in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 01189 698 440 and we can arrange a treatment for you 
We provide monitoring operations for commercial customers - don’t let cockroaches ruin your business reputation. 
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