Professional pest control throughout Reading and Wokingham 

Total control of pests in Wokingham and Reading. 

Other types of pest that we treat in Reading. 

Here at Reading Pest Control we deal with all pest species especially in the insect world other than those given its own page on our website. We cover the whole of Reading including the outlying areas and treat just about any pest. 
We deal with ants; and we find plenty of strange ants around Reading! There are species of ant from North Africa known as Pharaoh ants which are common enough and then more exotic species including a new arrival to the UK from Southern Europe called the acrobatic ant which has the tendency to nest in roof spaces, hence its name. No matter what pest you have here at Reading Pest Control we ensure that our technicians stay abreast of the latest information and carryout ongoing training so we can deliver the most effective treatments. 
Clothes moth and carpet beetles are another problem across Reading, these insects feed on the protein in animal based textiles – wool, fur and even silk can be attacked and its common enough to find holes appearing in carpets where furniture has sat as carpet or as sometimes called clothes moths, like dark places. 
Any pet owner will testify to the problem of cat or dog fleas and we are seeing an emergence of chemical resistance to the type of insecticides used on cats and dogs by their owners for the control of fleas. Surface sprays using powerful insecticides can bring these infestations under control and this is a service we provide across Reading. 
Another pest we see across Reading are beetles of various species: most will be what we call Stored Product Insects, this covers species like weevils, biscuit and flour beetles and another type of beetle known as the confused beetle from their random movements. 
Carpet moth
No matter what your insect problem in Reading we deal with them all, from spiders to silverfish if you have a pest then we have the solution. 
Clothes moths, flies and ants are all no problem for our staff at Reading Pest Control: our job is to get rid of your pests and that is what we do. 
Got a problem with insects in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 01189 698 440 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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