Professional bird control throughout Reading 
We carryout a range of work from installing physical deterrents to stop birds from roosting and nesting on your property to clean ups, removing bird guano, nest material and dead birds from rooftops and inside buildings and plant rooms. 


Why are pigeons such a pest in Reading? 
Reading has a large pigeon population and they have a couple of unique attributes that make them very successful: unlike many other species of bird, a young pigeon which is known as a squab will stay in the nest until almost fully grown. Other birds have young that fledge before their flight feathers are fully developed meaning that they are weak flyers and often prey for cats and small birds of prey like the sparrow hawk. Pigeons stay in the nest until all their flight feathers are formed and they can travel with their parents safe from predators. 
Another feature of pigeons that make them so successful is that the adults can eat just about anything which they will store in their crop, this material is broken down into a thick milky substance which they will feed to their young; other birds have their young around the timings of certain insect species so any change to weather seriously affects them whereas the pigeons can raise their young throughout the year. 

Bird control treatments in Reading from a local company 

Nylon Netting 
Netting systems are great for covering large areas like roof top plant and domestic balconies, very effective where the building is subjected to heavy pressure from the birds Ie: they're nesting and roosting all the time. 
Bird post and Wire Systems 
Used for long stretches the post and wire system is a continuous long run that deters birds from roosting. Only effective when the birds are occasionally visitors. 
Bird Spikes 
Stainless steel spikes will prevent birds from roosting on an area; window sills and ledges are all places where spikes can be very effective. Best used before the birds take up residence on a building. 
Optical 'fire' Gel 
Birds see in the ultraviolet spectrum and these gels look as if they're on fire, a great deterrent where spiking would look wrong: on three dimensional signs for example. 
Trapping and Culling 
We can offer a service of trapping and culling the birds plus we can shoot when they are repeatedly inside warehouses: this is a final deterrent and other forms of control must be considered first. 
Steel Wire Mesh 
This is used on the lower edge of solar panels and really effective at preventing pigeons from nesting underneath on the supporting bars. 
Bird on a nest

Bird control for the commercial sector 

Bird control is important if you run a business; under the Health and Safety Act you are obliged to maintain a safe working environment, pigeons roosting on your property put you in a bad place. 
Pigeon guano in itself is a health hazard containing viruses and bacteria and its slippery underfoot leading to falls, injuries and claims for compensation. 
Not only that but the bird poo is damaging your building, the acids contained within the guano will eat away at stone, steel, paintwork and even concrete eventually costing you more money in maintenance costs. 

Reading Pest Control – local experts in bird control and cleaning.  Roosting populations of birds pose a health hazard that arise from organisms that grow in the nutrient rich accumulation’s of feathers, guano and debris which includes dead chicks and adult birds. One of these is a fungus called Histoplasmosis which is an airborne contaminant from the fungus spores, this causes fever, even death and on occasion blindness.  Another fungal disease is Cryptococcus neoformans, again dangerous when inhaled and presents itself in two distinct forms; the first affects the nervous system and can be fatal if not treated while the other appears as a skin condition with acne like eruptions.  Other diseases include Psittacosis which is normally mild in humans but can in rare circumstances lead to a fatality, the most common problem with birds which have taken up a roost on a building are the ticks and other parasites that are typically a blood sucking insect. When the birds die or fly off these will be left behind and usually enter the interior in search of a meal – and that’s you.  

Pigeons are found throughout the Reading area and we offer a comprehensive proofing and cleaning service: netting, spiking and visual deterrents along with re-instating rotten decking – if you have got a bird problem then we have the solution. 
Professional bird control in Reading from a local company 
Got a problem with pigeons in Reading? 
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