Professional CCTV Drain Surveys in Reading 

As part of our commitment to deliver the best possible service, we carryout CCTV drain surveys if required as part of our rat control method; we are a pest control company that will not resort to the use of poison as our only means of rodent control. 
Our experience is that many rat infestations are caused by a fault below ground in the buildings drainage system, other companies will lay down poison immediately and temporary control is achieved - only for the rats to come back in months! 
Our aim is to get you rat free and for that to last so we use CCTV cameras to look through your drainage system and find if there’s a fault deep under your building. No amount of poison is going to control your rodent problem if you don’t get to the CAUSE of the infestation and that’s what we’re ALL about. 
Drain surveys are part of our diagnostic treatment as part of our integrated pest management approach: its not enough to put poison down, in fact it’s too little! We use trapping techniques, CCTV surveys and motion cameras to track down the route into your home or business and then we come up with a plan to seal that route – rat free is the only way to be! 
Our CCTV surveys don’t come at additional cost – if the job requires it then it gets it! What it does is to resolve the question about the route in for the rats, once we know that we can get the access point sealed and leave you with no further problems. 
We do not carryout drainage repairs as this is a highly specialist task, we can install one way valves into the drainage system to stop rats getting back in. 
We have a blog page for our CCTV surveys where we can explain the history and the solution to the rat problem. 
Rat infestations are at an all time high in Reading, we don’t turn up, put down poison and then come back time and time again. We give you a fixed price treatment, we determine the access point, eradicate the rats and then we either seal it or give you options for going forward if major remedial works are required. 
Pest control should be about providing CONTROL and that is our number one priority, the sole use of poison as a means of control will equal failure in the longer term. 
Got rats in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
Our aim is to get you 100% rat free – our customers are our priority. 
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