Professional rat control throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead. 

Total control of rats in Wokingham and Reading. 
Rats are a problem throughout Reading and the Thames Valley as they cause damage and spread disease. 

We think we have rats in our loft, why are rats such a problem in Reading? 

The reason why rats are our main pest problem in Reading, is that we are dealing with a clever and adaptable animal whose fortunes are linked to man’s, they originated from an area of north eastern China and have spread all over the globe. Rats, commonly called the brown rat and sometimes the sewer rat, arrived in Europe in the 1500’s and they have made themselves at home, utilising our sewerage system to get around and using that system to gain entry into your home or business. 
As a riverside town with the Thames, Loddon, Pang Rivers, the Holy Brook along with the Kennet and Avon canal, Reading has a high rat population as they use these watercourses to move around. Given the rats ability to breed all year long, an unique feature of rats is that they mate within hours of giving birth, over the period of a year a single female rat through her offspring reproducing as well would head an extended family of around 2000 - the rat population is literally booming. 
How can we tell if we have rats in our house? 
Look for rat droppings which are black in colour and oblong shaped with rounded ends, these are much larger than a grain of rice and can be confused with squirrel droppings. As well as the smell from their feces’ and urine, rats have a strong musty odour and leave greasy marks from their fur where they repeatedly climb over something like a pipe or through a gap, these are known as smear marks and something we are on the lookout for. 
Rats live within our sewerage system; this connects just about every property together and gives these rodents a possible route into your home or business. Every community throughout Reading has a rat issue and our years of experience give us a good idea of where your rat problem stems from. 
We are a pest control company that is determined to resolve your rat problem; we don’t come out and lay down poison as that approach leads to failure: only temporary control from the poison and eventually re-infestation as the access point was never found. We track and investigate the entire property including CCTV drain surveying to find out your rats entry point, once we have the answer to the route in, we trap, poison and proof to get you rat free. 
Rats are omnivores in that they’ll eat just about anything, and I mean anything! Rats rarely hunt for food as they are natural scavengers, when food is scarce or if the population is high, they may be seen attacking birds. Usually this behavior is an indicator that they lack a source of protein in their diet, it’s worth knowing that rats can survive for around 14 days without food! 

The importance of rat control in Reading 

Rats are a serious pest and can cause you as either a homeowner or business owner serious problems with financial damage ranging from closure of a business or simply the loss of electrical power due to the rats gnawing on cables. Rats cause damage to stored goods and foodstuffs. 
We aim to attend all rat call-outs within 24 hours. 
Rats can be found throughout Reading and for many people the first time that they experience a rodent infestation can be distressing, you are not alone in this as rat call-outs are on a all time high. Climate change and less frequent waste collections may be part of the problem, increasing population is certainly another.  
We provide seven days a week service for rat infestations in Reading. 
Got a problem with rats in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours. 
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