Professional mouse control throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead. 

Total control of mice in Wokingham and Reading. 

Food was taken in our kitchen and we have found small droppings, why are mice such a problem in Reading? 

Mouse infestations have become a major problem in Reading; the high degree of communal buildings such as flats and terraced houses that share voids like cavity walls and common lofts mean that once mice enter a building the infestation quickly grows out of control. 
As far as we are concerned at Reading Pest Control there are two categories of mice that we treat: field mice which include wood mice and all type of shrew and then the house mouse. These two groups have much different behavioural characteristics and we as professional pest controllers cannot use rodenticide on either the field mice or shrew’s as this leads to secondary poisoning of owls and raptors such as the red kite. 
Mice defecate everywhere and their faeces are very distinctive: oblong and black in colour, smaller than a grain of dried rice with pointed ends. These will often be found lying in groups around corners and edges where the mice like to sit. 
If you don't use poison how do you treat mice? 
As with our rat treatments we don’t resort to the use of poison in the first instance, a survey is carried out to determine the access point to your property. We predominantly trap all types of mice and install physical proofing to seal the route that they used. Its important to carryout a comprehensive survey of the entire property with mice as they can get through a gap the size of your little finger, blocking holes and covering vents with mesh will seal the mice out of a building leaving you pest free. 
Mice cause damage to stored food items and will nibble through electrical wiring causing failures and further costs, mice also carry salmonella so they are a risk to human health. 
No more Mr Mice Guy – its even written on our vans! 
Field mouse

Why are mice such a problem? 

Mouse infestations quickly become out of control; mice carry salmonella which is a risk to human health and this can mean that commercial businesses face closure and fines.  
Whatever the type of property don’t let a mouse problem become a hazard, our approach of trapping and proofing brings about quick control. 
We aim to attend all call-outs for mice within 24 hours. 
No matter whether you live in the centre of Reading or on the outskirts like Caversham, mice are found just about everywhere. Mice can travel through holes the size of your little finger; holes around pipes, electrical conduits and gaps around wooden joists mean that a mouse infestation has the potential to travel anywhere within a building. An integrated approach is needed to eradicate mice and that’s our working method: 
Investigation – eradication – proofing = control. 
There are ten different species of mice, voles and shrews all living in and around the Reading area, the use of poison should not be the form of control for many of these animals; they form the base of a food chain feeding owls, kestrels, hawks and other raptors. Maidenhead Pest Control has a visual guide for the different species - click this link to visit their blog. 
Got a problem with mice in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours. 
A mouse in the house? No problem. 
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