Professional pigeon control for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the Reading area. 
All types of proofing and bird guano cleaning in Reading. 
Pigeons are a nuisance throughout Reading and the surrounding area as they cause damage and spread disease. 


We live in Reading and have pigeons nesting on our balcony, what can we do about it? 
Roosting pigeons are a massive problem right across Reading, once these birds move into an area they are very hard to dislodge, as the roost site offers shelter and close access to a food supply and water. Pigeons tend to live in flocks for protection, so once they have moved onto a site they will resist visual measures to remove them. 
Here at Reading Pest Control, we carry out physical proofing in the form of netting to barrier areas off from the birds: domestic balconies and commercial rooftop plant machinery are examples of areas that we erect nets over to prevent the birds from roosting and nesting. On domestic properties another common pigeon problem is birds nesting under rooftop solar panels: we install steel mesh barriers to prevent the birds from gaining access underneath, leaving you pest free. 
Do you clean up the bird droppings? 
A major part of our bird control service is cleaning up the mess left behind: nesting material, dead birds and tons of droppings. These are removed from the site, the area thoroughly cleaned and then we spray the surfaces with a biocide to leave it free from birds and finally safe and clean for your use. 
Pigeons are a major problem all over the Thames Valley; with few predators and a unique nesting, habit means these are prolific pests. The young pigeons, called squabs, stay in the nest far longer than other bird species. They will leave the nest when fully fledged meaning that they have a greater chance of survival than other birds. 
Another unique thing about feral pigeons is that they produce a thick liquid – a ‘milk’ in their crop meaning that as long as a food source is available they can rear young. Bird feeders dropped food and well-meaning people feeding the pigeons means that they can breed all year long and those young birds will survive to adulthood. 
Bird on a nest

The importance of effective bird control in Reading 

The acid in bird urine and in the faeces eats away at stone, brick, concrete and metal – guano deposits are literally eating your building away. Bird guano also carries harmful bacteria and viruses along with being a slip hazard if deposited on pavements and walkways creating unsafe conditions and an unhygienic working environment 

Reading Pest Control – experts in bird control and cleaning. 

Pigeons are found throughout the Reading area and we offer a comprehensive proofing and cleaning service: netting, spiking and visual deterrents along with re-instating rotten decking – if you have got a bird problem then we have the solution. 
Professional bird control in Reading. 
Got a problem with pigeons in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 07491 247 999 and we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours 
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