Professional squirrel control throughout Reading and Wokingham. 

Total control of squirrels in Wokingham and Reading. 

Why are squirrels such a problem? 

People are often surprised when we get called out to deal with squirrels as many don’t associate these rodents with being a pest, however they are wrong. The grey squirrel is actually a native species to north America; introduced into the UK in the 1800’s without any natural predators, squirrels are indeed a serious pest causing property damage, killing young woodland and predating native songbirds. 
Across Reading, with its parks, leafy streets and riverside wooded areas we see a lot of pest infestations by squirrels. They are bigger and stronger than rats which they closely resemble and can easily gnaw through wooden and plastic fascia boards, gaining quick access into the loft of a property. 
Once in the loft they pull all the insulation into a ball, shredding stored items like clothing and soft furniture as well to make a nest which is called a drey. Squirrels have two breeding seasons and lofts make an ideal habitat to rear young so we often see call-outs in Reading for squirrels from January on-wards when the weather is coldest. 
Squirrels will be heard throughout the day and occasionally moving about at night, whereas rats move stealthily, squirrels tend to bounce around the loft waking people in the early hours and this can be distressing, especially for children. 
Squirrels are classed as vermin and it is against the Law to live catch one and then release it into the wild; the only way to deal with squirrels is to use humane traps which bring about a quick death. Not only do squirrels damage our homes but they predate small song birds and cause damage to saplings by bark stripping. 
Squirrel with a nut

What damage do squirrels cause? 

Squirrels cause more physical damage to the fabric of a building than rats do, incredibly sharp teeth and a powerful jaw means that they can even gnaw through mild steel sheeting. Squirrels like all rodents will gnaw additional holes in a structure as alternative means of escape should a predator turn up.  
We aim to attend all squirrel call-outs within 24 hours. 
Squirrels can be found throughout the area; whether you live in central Reading or in the suburbs like Lower Earley we attend infestations for squirrels all year round, with no predators and two breeding seasons we are seeing a gradual rise in population meaning that they are becoming more of a long term issue. We have seen young squirrel kittens in lofts in September – a third breeding season will see numbers rise dramatically. 
Got a problem with squirrels in Reading? 
Don’t delay phone us on 01189 698 440 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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