Professional bed bug control throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead. 

Total control of bed bugs in Wokingham and Reading. 

Why are bed bugs such a problem in Reading? 

Bed bugs are becoming a major modern problem, not just within Reading but throughout the Country, these bloodsucking insects are often picked up from hotels and even off public transport as we move around the globe. Modern travel and overseas holidays often means that we see a rise in bed bug infestations in Reading after the school holidays. 
Bed bugs are an highly adaptable species and we are seeing strains of these insects that are immune to some chemicals used by pest controllers, to combat the growth in chemically resistant bed bugs we approach all treatments with an high temperature approach first. 
We use a 180*C degree steamer to treat beds and mattresses in conjunction with cutting edge residual chemicals as a first step, in the event of encountering a resistant strain we can provide whole house heat treatments where we heat the interior to 60*C if a second step is required. 
Bed bugs will bite where the junction of fabric lies over skin; your arm lying on top of a sheet for example. They will bite several times forming a line of itchy welts on the skin of their victim, as they grow they also moult leaving behind brown empty shells. 
Bed bugs tend to feed every three or four days so its easy to see what you thought as mosquito bites on holiday can turn out to be something completely else. 
Bed bug

Eradicating bed bugs 

A precise approach is necessary for eradicating bed bugs and this takes organisation, bed bug treatments require proper planning; clothing may have to be treated by dry cleaning or freezing and we arrange all our bed bug treatments for early morning to allow time for any chemicals used to dry. 
Bed bugs can be picked up just about anywhere, usually the call-outs for bed bugs in Reading come about through travelling and staying in hotels. When staying in hotels or hostels, always check the ends of a mattress for distinctive blood spots left over from the insects feeding. Look along the fabric seam of the mattress and check around the headboard: if you see blood-spots leave the room immediately as the bed is almost certainly infested. 
Got a problem with bed bugs in Reading? 
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