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Oxford like many cities across the UK has a large feral pigeon population and these birds have a couple of unique attributes that make them a very successful species and a general pest. 
Unlike many other birds, a young pigeon which is called a squab will stay in the nest until almost fully grown, the young of other birds fledge before their flight feathers are fully developed meaning that they are weak flyers and often prey for cats and small birds of prey like the sparrow hawk. 
Pigeons have a secret weapon, and they keep their young in the nest until all their flight feathers are formed and then they can travel with their parents, safe from any predators. 
There is another reason why pigeons are so successful, and that is that the adults can eat just about any foodstuff they want. This matter is stored in the birds crop, and partially digested, becoming a thick milky substance which they will feed to their young. 
In other species of birds, they have their young around the timings of certain insect species so any change to weather seriously affects them whereas the pigeons can raise their young throughout the year. 
This means that given a suitable nesting site and access to food and water, pigeons will breed all year long eventually producing around ten broods in that time. 
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Bird netting the ultimate pigeon solution in Oxford. 

How to achieve successful pigeon control in Oxford. 
Pigeons have a close relationship with mankind, and they actually prefer to live alongside us, using our buildings to nest on. The most sought-after sites are those that provide some protection from the weather as the birds will breed throughout the year. 
If you have feral pigeons nesting on your building, they are usually using some form of overhead cover for shelter; for example, the underside of commercial loading bays, overhanging roof structures that create sheltered areas and the voids underneath roof top air conditioning machinery, will all create ideal nesting habitat for pigeons. 
Apartment balconies are also often used as these are generally protected from the weather and the addition of tables and chairs can give the birds greater shelter. 
Bird netting can be installed in any aspect, be it, vertical or horizontal and the netting creates a solid barrier that prevents access to the birds. Correctly fitted, it does not harm the birds, but it takes away their roosts and nesting areas meaning that they will have to move on elsewhere 
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Total pigeon control in Oxford 

Where can anti-bird nets be erected? 
The simple answer to that question is: everywhere. There are a wide range of net perimeter fixings that allow us to create a metal wire frame for the net so we can install an anti-pigeon net just about anywhere. 
If need be we can cover entire rooftops with netting, but usually we see the demand for things like the open face of flat balconies where the pigeons keep on sitting, or to cover the face of an older building where the birds sit on ledges and architectural features, and defecate down the front. 
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Pigeon cleaning services in Oxford 

Doing nothing and leaving pigeons to see if they leave of their own accord is a big mistake; these birds form a strong attachment to their birth site and will stay in one place for years. 
Whilst a pigeon flock is in situ they are defecating onto your property and an adult bird produces around one kilogram of guano every month. 
Pigeon poo is a rich mixture containing some very harmful organisms - fungus, bacteria, viruses, insects like intestinal worms and bloody sucking mites - this can all be cleaned away by a professional company. 
The build up of guano is very acidic and its will eat away at metals, stone, concrete and paintwork meaning that the cost of leaving it in place is hidden as you will incur costs for repairs and renovation. 
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Reading Pest Control are also licensed waste carriers and we carryout professional guano removal and cleaning, this service is available for both the domestic and commercial sectors and we can give you a no obligation quote for any bird clean up required. 
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