Professional pigeon control services in Maidenhead 

Feral pigeon control throughout Maidenhead from a local company 

Feral pigeons are a common problem in Maidenhead, and we are a local pest control company that provides a range of services that deliver total pigeon control to you, from sealing off the space below solar panels to installing high quality bird netting and even cleaning up the mess left behind after the birds have gone. 
When it comes to delivering a pigeon control service in Maidenhead, we do it all, if you have a problem with pigeons then look no further as we have the solution for you. 

How to achieve successful pigeon control in Maidenhead 

Pigeons are a highly intelligent and adaptable species that are an urban pest, these birds are incredibly sociable and will flock together for safety and this is where the problem starts. 
Pigeons were once domesticated and used by us as a source of food, this means that the birds prefer to live alongside people for the protection that our buildings offer them. 
Pigeons are also scavengers, and they rely on the food waste that we leave lying around on the streets of Maidenhead to live off, these two changes in their natural behaviour mean that pigeons will breed all year long; with protection and a constant supply of food the urban pigeon population is booming. 
When pigeons settle down to roost on a building, they quickly become a nuisance to the occupants and present a health hazard from the accumulation of droppings and other material that is found in a pigeon roost. 
Here at Reading Pest Control, we are experts in providing a range of bird proofing measures that will keep pigeons off your property for good. 
Pigeons perching
Pigeons on a handrail
Pigeon on a nest

 Professional bird netting solutions in Maidenhead – say goodbye to pigeons for good 

Pigeons are a big problem in towns like Maidenhead with many large flocks roosting and nesting inside and on top of our homes and businesses, the reason for this is that the feral pigeon population is rising all the time due to a unique set of traits. 
Unlike other species of birds, feral pigeons are able to breed all year long producing around ten broods throughout the year, and they keep their young in the nest until their flight feathers are fully formed. This presents the baby pigeon or squab as it’s called, with the best chance of survival and when two eggs are laid each time, a single nesting pair will produce around twenty birds over the year. 
Pigeon numbers rise rapidly, being able to scavenge means that the birds break down any food they find in their crop and turn this into a rich form of milk for their young, as long as their nest is dry, it will have young birds in it. 
Our buildings often create protected voids; areas underneath roof top air conditioning plant, metal trussing that supports loading bays and unused balconies, will all give the birds an ideal nesting site. 
Once a flock of pigeons move onto a building they will be there permanently, and the ultimate way to deter the birds from coming back is to seal the void area off, and the best way of doing that is through the installation of bird netting. 
If you’ve had enough of the mess and the disturbance created by the birds, then you need the assistance that we can provide, and the advantage of a bird net is that once installed it lasts for over ten years as it is the only deterrent that physically stops the birds from accessing the entire area. 
Cherry picker
bird netting
Bird netting

Bird netting the ultimate pigeon solution for the Maidenhead area 

Bird netting is the ultimate bird deterrent because it’s such a humane way of controlling access to a site, once the net is installed there is no way past the barrier and without causing any harm to the birds, they will have no choice but to move off the site and go elsewhere. 
Having any group of birds living on your property is difficult, large species like feral pigeons generate a great deal of mess and they’re noisy too, disturbing sleep and making working conditions difficult, if you’ve had enough of birds roosting on your property then we can offer you the solution with a professionally installed bird net. 
Netting is effective against any species of bird as these come in a range of different size mesh and our technicians are trained in the installation of these nets and along with a range of fittings, a net can be built just about anywhere to protect anything. 
We are also IPAF trained and we use hydraulic access equipment; self-propelled booms and scissor lifts, on a regular basis to comply with safe working at heights legislation.  
From an installation on a small domestic balcony to building a complex roof top arrangement protecting HVAC equipment on a commercial property, we can resolve your pigeon problem for good. 

Solar panel proofing solutions in Maidenhead – prevent pigeons from living on your roof 

A recent problem that many homeowners have experienced is the sudden arrival of a flock of pigeons to their home and this is because the property has been fitted with solar panels and this is now the pigeons nest site. 
Solar panels will be fitted to the south facing aspect of a roof to catch as much sunlight as possible, inadvertently this also makes an ideal place for pigeons to set up home in. The panels give the nest overhead cover from the weather and predators, whilst the supporting bars that hold the panels make ideal ledges for the nest to be built on. 
Pigeons will land on the roof tiles and simply walk under the panels where its dry and warm and given the fact that they breed all year long, in a short space of time you’ll find yourself with an entire flock of birds living under there. 
Any homeowner who has had this will testify to the amount of mess created, it’s a lot of pigeon droppings and feathers, along with the occasionally dead bird and of course the sheer amount of noise produced by the birds which all becomes distressing. 
Our solution is to fix an adjustable stainless-steel fence consisting of rows of steel rods to the sides of the panels, there are many different styles of solar panel proofing from plastic spikes to a wire mesh curtain, and we have found the best system is this one as it lasts the longest time and is guaranteed for ten years. 
pigeons on solar panels
solar panels

Pigeon waste clearance in Maidenhead from a local company 

Undoubtedly the biggest problem when discovering pigeons on or inside your building is the amount of waste material that is produced by the birds, each adult pigeon can deposit around a kilogram of poo or guano as we call it, every month. 
This material is semi-solid and sticks to surfaces where its deposited; it won’t simply wash away with rainwater and this soon blocks gutters and roof valleys leading to all sorts of issues with water ingress and even the collapse of the rainwater system. 
The bird waste is also highly acidic; it has around the same level of acidity as a lemon and where this material sits, the corrosive action degrades concrete, stone, metalwork and paint and even oxidises wood to the point where long-term damage means expensive repairs to the fabric of the building. 
Damage to the structure is one thing, however, pigeon guano is rich in organic matter and extremely toxic, the waste material contains some harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus; this creates problems in both domestic and commercial situations. 
When you have pigeon guano in a domestic setting; inside a loft or covering a balcony, it means that the residents are being exposed to the toxic risks every time they are home and you certainly won’t use a balcony covered in pigeon poo. 
We offer a pigeon guano cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers, its common to find pigeons living inside empty spaces like lift motor rooms or underneath HVAC equipment; engineers come in to service the machinery and are confronted with a flock of birds and a few inches of mess.  
We can clean all of this up and combined with some simple proofing we can hand back your space which is now completely pigeon free. 
Got a problem with pigeons in Maidenhead? 
If you want a no obligation quote for pigeon control in Maidenhead, throughout Berkshire and right across the South East then get in touch with us. Our site surveys are free, and we can talk you through the problem and the correct solution. 
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