Pest Control in Woodley 

Here at Reading Pest Control we a family run business based in Woodley and we pride ourselves on providing you with a professional service using the latest techniques, equipment and chemicals to combat all pests. We deal with all insects: fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, beetles, ants and wasps, along with the rodent species that you will encounter in Woodley: rats, squirrels and mice. 
We go the extra mile to rid you off your pests no matter what it is: for insects we always use heat for the control of bed bugs as this is the most effective way of killing these blood sucking parasites, when it comes to rats we include CCTV drain surveys and all proofing within the initial cost of the treatment - our customers are our priority. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal in Woodley 

If you live in Woodley there's a high chance that you will have a wasp nest during the summer, situated close to the River Loddon, Dinton Pastures Country Park and lots of countryside we have the perfect situation for both wasps and hornets. 
Wasps like to nest in buildings and hornets prefer woodland - if you find yourself with an infestation we can have a technician out to you within hours. 
Equipped with different chemicals and application methods the safest way to deal with a wasp nest is to call out the professionals - give us a ring on 07491 247 999. 

Mole Catching in Woodley 

Areas of Woodley border onto the countryside, Dinton Pastures or Sonning Golf Club and this is where we find moles popping up; here at Reading Pest Control our approach to mole catching is the traditional one using humane traps. 
We also carryout mole trapping on a "no Catch - no Fee" basis in that occasionally moles will move into a garden and just as quickly move off - so in the event we don't or can't catch your mole - you won't get a bill. 
Can't say fairer than that! 

Bird Netting & Proofing in Woodley 

Feral pigeons are on the rise right across Berkshire and these clever, adaptable birds have recently found a new place where they can set up nests, safe from the weather and from predators. 
The birds have learned that the space beneath roof top solar panels is a great place to rear their young; they use the metal support bars to build their nests on and a normal roof can take a flock of pigeons 20 to 30 strong. 
The noise, feathers and pigeon poo makes life miserable and we can install solar panel protection in the form a metal 'skirt' around the lower edge to keep pigeons out. We do all forms of bird proofing: netting and spiking all over Berkshire and the south of England. 

Bed Beg Treatments in Woodley 

If you travel then you have a good chance of picking up these insects: its not just hotels but all forms of public transport - Google 'Bed bugs on planes' and you'll see some horror stories of passengers on flights with bed bugs. 
Bed bugs are adapting to the chemicals used by pest control companies and our approach is to use heat on EVERY treatment; the insects have a weakness shared by all insects - they can't withstand extremely high temperatures. 
So we offer two levels of service: Treatment 1 using high temperature steam at 180 degrees centigrade and two different chemicals for smaller localised infestations and Treatment 2 with electric heaters that raise the entire temperature to 60 degrees centigrade for larger more widespread infestations. 
Grey squirrel

Squirrel control in Woodley 

Woodley has a large amount of mature woodland and individual tree's so its not uncommon to see a squirrel running along a fence panel and for most people they'll give it no more thought. 
However with incredibly hard, sharp teeth and powerful jaw muscles these animals can make quick work of chewing through the bargeboards and soffets gaining access into your loft. 
The nesting habit of squirrels means that they will quickly rip through any soft items stored in the loft including the insulation to make their nest; they don't usually gnaw on electrical cables but they will make a mess up there. 
We trap and remove squirrels and will not use poison in our treatments, once they've gone we'll seal the access point up for you to prevent a re-occurrence. 

Rat infestations in Woodley 

Rats are our most common pest and we have become experts in the field of rat catching in Woodley; we live here so we know the town very well and we can pinpoint the most likely entrance if you've got rats inside the house just from your address. 
We use CCTV equipment on almost every job so we can check your drains; the drainage system connects every house to the sewers and is an often unchecked area for many other pest controllers - so we look further in our treatments for rats. 
We trap rather than poison to avoid dead rats left to rot inside your property and it allows us to check access points as we will use UV marking dusts on any potential entrances. 
We are market leaders in rat control throughout Reading and our thorough approach has seen us assist Reading Borough Council in helping to resolve some long term infestations. 

Mouse control in Woodley 

Field mice are a common pest found in Woodley; their nature is to live outside but they will often discover a problem with a building and enter via the smallest of holes - if you can squeeze your little finger through a hole then a mouse can enter. 
Once in they will start feeding and leaving droppings: between 40 and 60 a day for each mouse so it can quickly become a health issue as they can carry salmonella in their feaces. 
With mice as with all our rodent treatments we will trap rather than use poison - this stops the animals dying in your property and in the case of field mice we should not use professional rodenticide as this leads to secondary poisoning of birds like owls. 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

  Ring Reading Pest Control  0118 375 4460 or email us; 

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