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No matter where you live, at some time or another you're bound to have a problem with pests; whether its something simple like a wasp nest that requires a one off treatment or a problem with rats inside the loft that requires a more in-depth treatment, here at Reading Pest Control we can help. We are a family run business - father, son and future son - in - law (he just has to ask!) and we deal with all types of pests that you'll find in Twyford. 
Simple insect species like ants and wasps that require just a single chemical treatment through to dealing with the rodent species like mice, rats and squirrels that will require several visits and proofing works to keep you pest free. We also deal with problem species like pigeons that will roost on buildings creating a toxic mess with their droppings: we install preventative measures like netting to barrier off the area, denying it to the birds. 
We even offer a service where we will clean up contaminated areas, removing urine soaked loft insulation or old redundant sheds to leave you in a better environment. We provide our services to both the private and domestic sectors and we also carryout monitoring contracts for shops, offices and food premises, keeping your business pest free and compliant with legislation. 
If you've got the pest then we have the solution to the problem - our customers are our priority. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal in Twyford 

Wasps are a common pest throughout Twyford; from late spring to the autumn these stinging insects are a constant. Many people fear wasps and for good reason; they deliver a painful sting and even a nasty bite. 
We will have a technician out to you within 24 hours to treat a wasp nest in Twyford and we guarantee our treatments - if for some reason the nest is still active after 24 hours we will return and re-treat it. 
We will also destroy any other wasp nests that we find on your property which is included within the same initial price; when you choose Reading Pest Control to exterminate your wasps you won't get stung by us. 
Mole coming out of a mole hill

Mole Catching in Twyford 

Another common pest in Twyford, surrounded by farmland these subterranean creatures pop up in gardens almost overnight and we offer a mole catching service in Twyford based on traditional methods. 
We use break back traps that are placed in the mole run to physically catch the moles, because we work this way we also charge for our services in a traditional manner. 
We work on the basis of no catch = no fee; so if we don't catch your mole then you don't pay a penny for our efforts, but we aim to catch! 
Pigeon on a fence

Bird Netting, Proofing and Cleaning in Twyford 

Twyford is like a lot of towns in that it has a problem with pigeons in the town centre; the birds will roost around the buildings depositing guano onto the pavement creating a slippery mess. 
They also create a problem with discarded feathers, old nesting material and the constant cooing - the best deterrent for pigeons is to prevent access to the roost. We provide a comprehensive pigeon control service in Twyford; voiding off solar panels and ledges with wire mesh, netting or the use of bird spikes. 
We don't kill the birds, we just move them off their roost and clean up the mess - as licensed waste carriers we can clean up and remove all the pigeons waste material leaving you bird free. 
Don't let pigeons give you the bird - give Reading Pest Control a call. 
Bed bug

Bed Bug Treatments in Twyford 

Bed bugs aren't that common but as we travel more often and further a field the chance that you'll be exposed to these parasites becomes a much higher risk. 
Many people return with these insects and at first think that the problem is mosquito bites: we see a lot of demand for bed bug control in Twyford. Our approach is to start every treatment with heat - we use either high temperature steam or portable electric heaters to raise temperatures high enough to kill the insects. 
We then follow up the treatment with a chemical attack that has a residual effect and gives long lasting protection from bed bugs. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call out Reading Pest Control.  

Grey Squirrel Control in Twyford 

A common enough pest in Twyford: the grey squirrel makes a nuisance of itself when it comes around to the breeding seasons. These non-native rodents have no natural predators in the UK and have two separate breeding seasons each year. 
This combination means that the demand for squirrel control across Twyford is very high: the female squirrel takes on and defends a territory meaning as the population grows, so does pressure to have that territory. 
Equipped with powerful jaws and hard teeth, your loft is easy access for the squirrel as they will simply gnaw through wooden soffets to gain entrance; we trap squirrels and remove, sealing up the entrance point on completion of the treatment. 

Rat Catching in Twyford 

Rats are our No.1 pest and we see a high turnover of rat control treatments in Twyford, it is estimated that the population now number's 120 million and we certainly see a constant presence in the town. 
When we have rats inside a property we will use traps to control and remove the rats, this allows us to track their movements as we are looking for the access point. This may well be through the drainage system so we will look at a CCTV drain survey as part of our standard rat control treatment. 
Trapping means that no rats will die within the building and we never advocate the use of poison as the first and only means of control - if you have rats inside your property, the most important thing you need to know is how they got inside and that's what we set out to find. 
Field mouse

Mouse Catching in Twyford 

The mouse that you'll encounter in Twyford will certainly be the field mouse; numerous and able to squeeze through a space the size of your little finger, mice can be a constant problem in Twyford. 
Our treatment for mice is similar to all the other rodents - we will survey, track, trap and then seal up the entrance points to not only get rid of the mice but to keep them out for good. 
We will never use poison on mice as they form the base of the food chain for owls and other raptors - poisoned mice kill these birds and the use of rodenticide is irresponsible and illegal if using professional strength rodenticide. 
Dead cockroach

Cockroach Control in Twyford 

Usually associated with kitchens, cockroaches are more common than you think and we provide a cockroach extermination treatment for Twyford; picked up in second hand kitchen appliances or from cash and carry style bulk foods. Once inside the property the elusive nature means that you'll only notice them once the infestation has become quite large. 
Cockroaches are dealt with using a variety of chemicals and applications as multiple visits will be required to eradicate an infestation. We cover cockroaches on our monitoring contracts protecting businesses and reputations in Twyford. 

Professional Waste Clearance in Twyford  

When it comes to pest control we often find that the cause of the infestation was the environment; waste builds up and gardens can quickly become overgrown - this allows rodents like rats and mice to move into the area. Old worn out sheds provide harbourage and waste holds rainwater gives rats a supply of drinking water, sometimes clearing this waste out prevents re-colonisation after the rodents have been eradicated. As licensed waste carriers we are able to provide a service where we can take down sheds and cut back vegetation, removing these items to a waste transfer station, leaving you with a rodent free environment. 
We also take away contaminated items from inside building post treatment - urine soaked loft insulation, guano covered items and animal droppings can all be cleared away, the area the biocided and we can even re-install clean loft insulation. 
If you have had a pest problem in Twyford and you need a hand cleaning up afterwards give us a ring. 
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Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

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