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Reading Pest Control is a local family run business  
We are a family run business dealing with all manner of pests whether for a small domestic customer or for a larger commercial one, we treat our customers as our priority and aim to get to the bottom of your pest problem. No matter if its a call for a one off wasp nest treatment or a major rat infestation we will treat your property with the same care and attention as if it were our property. 
When it comes to dealing with pests from the rodent species - rats, squirrels and mice we practise a form of pest control called Integrated Pest Management. This means that we as a company do not resort to the use of poison as a first and only means of control; we aim to investigate the situation and discover the access point and to do this we use traps and track the animals movement through the property. We include CCTV drain surveys within our standard treatment for rats as the underground route through the sewers is the most likely one, and we look at the whole property when it comes to attached buildings like flats and houses. 
We look at providing the most comprehensive service that we can and we provide monitoring contracts for commercial customersfrom a small corner shop right up to Reading Football Club; when it comes to pest control its our passion and we look to get you pest free for good. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal in Finchamstead 

We aim to get out to you within 24 hours of receiving your call for wasps and hornets; we know how terrifying these can be and how painful too! We guarantee our treatments and that they will be gone with the 24 hours, if not we will happily return to re-treat the nest. 
We also include any other nests with the initial treatment price AND we guarantee those additional nests as well; these are treated for no extra charge. 
When you use Reading Pest Control - you won't get stung by us. 
Mole coming out of a mole hill

Mole Catching in Finchamstead 

The bane of gardeners, these animals can literally pop up overnight ruining lawns in the process. Deterrents like windmills and glass bottles dug into the ground will have absolutely no effect on the mole, the only way to be sure its gone is to trap it and remove it. 
We use traditional methods with break back traps to take out the mole and we charge on ability - if we don't catch it then you don't get the bill, but, prepared to be disappointed, as we always catch. 
Pigeon on a fence

Bird Netting, Proofing and Cleaning in Finchamstead 

The biggest problem that we see with feral pigeons in this area is that they are attracted to the void that sits below solar panels; its nice and dry and provides overhead cover from predators so an ideal place to build a nest. 
Once the birds move in you have to contend with the noise, feathers and droppings all over the place, not to mention the build up of guano blocking the gutters and downpipes. 
The solution to yout pigeon problem is to apply wire mesh around the base of the panels and possibly run tensioned wires across the ridge to stop the birds from roosting there. 
Don't let pigeons give you the bird - give Reading Pest Control a call. 
Bed bug

Bed Bug Treatments in Finchamstead 

We are seeing a rise in demand for bed bug treatments right across the area and Finchamstead is no exception to this trend, these insects are picked up from beds, planes, trains and buses and soon settle in at home with us. 
Becoming more difficult to eradicate we always combine heat with chemicals when we carryout a bed bug treatment in Finchamstead. 
Temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius kill the insects so we can use either a localised steam treatment or for larger problems raise an entire room to above 60 degrees. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call out Reading Pest Control.  

Grey Squirrel Control in Finchamstead 

A common pest in Finchamstead, the rural location and broad leaf woodland in the area makes this an ideal place for the grey squirrel; these animals have two breeding seasons in a good year and almost no predators so we are seeing a growing population with high demand for nesting sites. 
They become a pest when they choose your loft as that nesting site, they will simply gnaw through the fascia and enter the roof, once inside they will rip up the insulation as part of making their nest. Its common to find multiple numbers living inside a loft. 
We trap and seal up these entrances meaning that you're squirrel free and because the hole has been filled, birds can't now use the loft as well. 

Rat Catching in Finchamstead 

The UK population of brown rats is thought to be around 12 million and these are our most commonest pest that we deal with; our approach goes far beyond the standard one of throwing poison in the loft. 
We look to find out exactly how they're getting into your property and produce a plan to stop them for good and getting you pest free in the process. 
Rats spread diseases and can force the closure of food related businesses, we provide regular monitoring to safeguard against an unwanted rat problem. 
Field mouse

Mouse Catching in Finchamstead 

Field mice are very common across the area and their numbers peak around the autumn, as the weather cools we will see a lot of enquiries for mice treatments in Finchamstead. 
Integrated Pest Management means that we find their access point, seal this up and then trap out the remaining mice from inside the building - we never use rodenticide on mice. 
Field mice form the basis of a huge food chain for many other animals and rodenticide is not supposed to be used, just call Reading Pest Control and we'll have you pest free in a jiffy. 

Professional Waste Clearance from Reading Pest Control 

We deal with some heavy infestations; mice, rats and pigeons can all leave a large amount of contamination behind following a successful treatment. Occasionally we can say that the reason that the infestation occurred was down to the waste material lying around, here at Reading Pest Control we provide a waste management service carrying out clearance of all contaminated matter and we can also take down and clear old redundant sheds and overgrown gardens to prevent rats and mice from moving back in. 
For our commercial customers we can take away old worn out equipment, delivery pallets and waste which all may harbour rodents. We will send over copies of the waste transfer notes so you can see that the material has been properly disposed off. 
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Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

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