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Reading Pest Control is a local family run business  
We think its important to be local, as pest controllers we know the area very well and by being local we can give you the best service possible, we are a family run business and we do things very differently to many of our competitors. For instance we use our local knowledge to help pinpoint the cause of rat infestations; in may cases the route into a property for rats is underground using our sewerage system. Breaks and faults that lead to the environment are used as an access point to the sewers, from there they exploit defects inside properties and they will even gnaw through modern plastic pipework to get out of the sewer and into our homes and businesses. We use CCTV equipment when we think that the problem lies underground; there is no additional charge for this as its all part of the service. 
Many pest control companies will resort to the use of rodenticide in the control of rodents: that's rats, mice and squirrels - we don't and we don't agree with as a professional concept. If you have rats in your home then the most important question is to ask where are they coming in from, it can take us several visits just to answer that question let alone bring the problem under control, so we look further than many others and we don't set a number of visits - if you've got rats in Emmer Green we work with you to get to the bottom of the problem. 
Likewise using poison to control rodents can be counterproductive, we have no control in where the animals will die and if that happens inside the property and the body can't be found, it will rot. This in turn will attract carrion flies which will lay egg's on the body, so maggots, flies and an obnoxious smell will all happen as a result - not something that we want for you. 
We aim to investigate your rodent problems looking for the animals entrance point so that we can seal it up, track and trap out whatever remains and then get you pest free ... for good. 
If you've got the pest then we have the solution to the problem - our customers are our priority. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal in Emmer Green 

We provide a wasp and hornet nest removal service through Reading, Emmer Green and Caversham Park Village. 
Our wasp and hornet treatments start with a survey of your property, we're looking for more nests as its common to find more than one at a single property. We will include these extra nests without any additional charge and we will also guarantee these nests to be destroyed within 24 hours - if not we'll come back and re-treat. 
When you choose Reading Pest Control for wasp nest removal you won't get stung by us. 
Mole coming out of a mole hill

Mole Catching in Emmer Green 

We started out in pest control providing a mole catching service back in the 1980's, catching moles is something that we are very good at and as such we work on a no catch = no fee basis. 
We don't charge upfront for moles but only on proven results as we're confident that we will catch, occasionally a mole moves off an area and this is part of the service - why would you pay for something that didn't happen? 
For a professional mole catching service with traditional break back traps - give us a ring. 
Pigeon on a fence

Bird Netting, Proofing and Cleaning in Emmer Green 

Feral pigeons were once domesticated and used as a food source, this may explain why they're so happy to roost and nest in and around our buildings. Certainly the population is on the increase and due to their persistent nature, the hazards posed from their droppings and other waste material we can provide a service of deterring the birds through the installation of netting and spiking, we don't kill them we just prevent them from getting onto your property. 
Don't let pigeons give you the bird - give Reading Pest Control a call. 
Bed bug

Bed Bug Treatments in Emmer Green 

Bed bugs are another species on the increase no matter where you live, these insects are termed bed bugs and associated with bedrooms but they can survive anywhere that their human hosts linger - buses, planes, trains and of course hotel beds. 
Look out for blood spots on sheets and mattresses and if you get bitten this will often appear in lines of bites.  
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call out Reading Pest Control.  

Grey Squirrel Control in Emmer Green 

A common problem in Emmer Green and Caversham Park Village, grey squirrels pop up just about everywhere. With two breeding seasons a year their numbers are increasing very rapidly and so competition for nest sites amongst the females is high. Your loft makes an ideal habitat for a mother squirrel and she will cause damage to insulation creating a drey for her young. 
We always trap squirrels rather than use poison and then seal up the squirrel's entrance to keep your property vermin free. 

Rat Catching in Emmer Green 

There is an estimated 120 million rats in the UK and one of our most frequent pests, we don't like the use of rodenticide especially within properties to eradicate rats as trapping and proofing up is proven to be the most efficient method of rodent control. 
The use of poison as the only means of rat control in Emmer Green is simply a short cut to no-where, yes you'll be rat free but without sealing the entrance this will be temporary. 
If you want a professional thorough investigation into your rat problem - give us a call. 
Field mouse

Mouse Catching in Emmer Green 

Mice become a major problem from the end of summer right through to winter, these little rodents can squeeze through a gap the size of your little finger - door thresholds and plastic air bricks are all open doors to mice. A small gap appearing from when a door was slammed to the face of the air brick being gnawed through all allow mice to enter. 
Look out for small black droppings; pointed ends and smaller than a dry grain of rice. 
Mice can carry salmonella so its best to get a professional company out quickly - mouse in the house? Give us a call. 

Professional Waste Clearance in Emmer Green from Reading Pest Control 

In the course of delivering our pest control service we often deal with some seriously dirty infestations; all of the rodents: mice and rats along with those feral pigeons will leave large amounts of contamination in the form of faeces, feathers and old nest material behind following the conclusion of an eradication. Sometimes we can say that the reason that the infestation occurred was because of old waste material lying around, so as a resolution to the problem, here at Reading Pest Control we provide a professional waste management service, carrying out clearance of all those contaminated items, along with taking down and clearing out redundant sheds and overgrown gardens to prevent the rats and mice from moving straight back in. 
We can also offer this to all of our commercial customers with monitoring contracts, we can remove old worn out equipment, stacks of delivery pallets and any waste which may harbour rodents. We will send over copies of the waste transfer notes so you can see that the material has been properly disposed off. 
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Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

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