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Reading Pest Control is a local family run business  
Do you have something scratching away in the loft? Getting bitten at night and you don't know why? The answer is you've got a problem with a pest; and here at Reading Pest Control we have the solution for you. 
We are a locally based business and we cover all of Crowthorne and Wokingham for a variety of pests such as rodents like rats, mice and squirrels and we deal with all of the insect pests. From the usual one's you'd expect to find living in Crowthorne like wasps and ants to the more exotic bed bugs and foreign invasive species like Pharaoh's ants. All pests are covered and we provide even more services such as bird proofing for when pigeons are roosting beneath solar panels, mole catching and waste clearance. 
If you live in Crowthorne and you've had rats in the garden the problem maybe the environment as rats need somewhere dry and undisturbed to live in and underneath a shed is the ideal place. We are licensed waste carriers and we offer a post-pest infestation cleaning and clearance service right across the area for all pests. 
We are a family run business and we provide pest control for both domestic customers and commercial customers - we provide Reading Football Club with pest control and no job is too big or too small for us. Reading Pest Control is a father, son and future son in law team and we work to the highest standards in the industry. 
We also provide a bird control service dealing with feral pigeons which includes the installation of netting and spiking, guano cleaning and even the final waste removal - our customers are our priority and we mean it. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal for Crowthorne 

Our aim is to deliver the highest standards possible in pest control and when it comes to providing a treatment for wasps and hornets we excel. 
Our approach differs from other companies in that our technicians will arrive at your property and treat the wasp nest and then stay there to observe the reaction. 
They will use this time to search around the property for any other nests that may have gone unnoticed; wasps will eat other wasps and so its common to find a large dominant nest with a second or third smaller nest nearby.  
Once the dominant wasp nest is eradicated the smaller one's burst into life and these additional nests are all treated within the same price; we don't hike up our prices. 
ALL of our wasp treatments are guaranteed; if they don't die off with 24 hours then we will happily return to retreat and that's a promise. 

Mole Catching in Crowthorne 

No-one knows where or when a mole is going to pop up within a lawn of flowerbed, they move around very slowly just a few metres a day but their tunnel systems can stay intact for months. 
When it comes to providing a mole catching service in Crowthorne we work on a different system to other pest control companies - we only charge you when we catch your mole. We don't charge for a number of traps for a number of days, we work on "No catch = No fee" 
We use traditional break back traps and work on proven results so you only pay us for - mole catching. 

Bird Netting, Proofing and Cleaning in Crowthorne 

Feral pigeons are a major problem right across Crowthorne and Wokingham; these birds were once bred for food and so have a close association with man. Pigeons are happy to nest in close proximity to us and its common to find that they have moved onto a balcony after the occupants have been away for a couple of weeks. 
We don't kill the birds as we use physical methods to void an area; if the birds can't get into roost or nest they will soon leave. We provide a full cleaning and waste removal service for pigeons in Crowthorne and we also carryout solar panel proofing, preventing the birds from getting underneath roof top solar panels. 
Bed bug

Bed Bug Treatments in Crowthorne 

If you travel and this could be just taking the bus to Bracknell, then you run a risk of picking up bed bugs. These insects are proving to be very resilient and adaptable, slowly becoming immune to some of the chemicals used in their control and able to spread worldwide. 
Bed bugs have small claw like appendages on the bottom of their legs and they are adept hitch-hikers, slightly misnamed as bed bugs as they are happy to infest anywhere their human host will spend time - buses, airplanes and trains all are known to have bed bug problems. 
We provide a thorough treatment for bed bugs in Crowthorne and we always include high temperature applications in our treatments as heat is the most efficient killer of bed bugs. 

Rat Catching in Crowthorne 

Rats are our number one pest in Crowthorne and extremely common all year round. When it comes to rat control we are experts; unlike the approach taken by other companies we do not advocate the use of poison for the control of rats. 
If you have rats inside your building ask yourself "How do they get in?" - this is what we ask and how we control rats. Its all about a thorough investigation, not only of your property but the adjoining property to determine the access point. 
Usually with rats this will be at ground level or below ground as they will come in via the drainage system - we offer CCTV drain surveys as standard in our rat control treatments - no extra charge. 
Our aim is to get you rat free - for good! 

Squirrel Control in Crowthorne 

Grey squirrels are vermin and they have recently been reclassified - it is now illegal to release of re-home a grey squirrel, even those handed into to wildlife rescue centres must be humanely destroyed. 
The problem with the grey squirrel is that it is an invasive species bought in from North America 150 years ago. They have no predators in the UK and with two breeding seasons each year their numbers are out of control. 
Songbirds, forestry, the native red squirrel and your electrical wiring all suffer from the predations of the grey squirrel - we will only trap and remove these rodents. It is legal to poison the grey but not a good idea as it will certainly die within the property ... and stink the house out. 

Mouse Catching in Crowthorne 

Field mice are extremely common and the most abundant of the rodent species; the term field mouse covers a wide range of mice and shrews and as they form the base of a food chain for owls and other raptors we will not poison mice. 
Like all rodents we trap these and then look to seal up the access point; when it comes to mouse control in Crowthorne we use a system called Integrated Pest Management which focuses on prevention rather than just eradication. 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

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Waste removal in Crowthorne 

If you've had a pest infestation then you're left with a lot of mess: fecal matter in the form of droppings, contamination from urine and even dead rodents and birds will be found. There is also the subject of all the damaged and contaminated items that were possibly stored in the area and whether or not these need to be disposed off. We offer a waste removal service, taking away all the contaminated items, animal feaces and even garden clearances taking down old worn out sheds. As licensed upper tier waste carriers all our rubbish is taken to an approved waste management centre and we can provide documentation to show the waste has been dealt with properly. 
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