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Reading Pest Control is a local family run business  
Do you need pest control in Binfield and Bracknell? If you need a local pest controller then give us a call, as a family run business based in Berkshire we have a great deal of local knowledge that helps us determine what you pest problem is and how to bring about a speedy resolution to the situation. We can have a technician out to you within 24 hours and we work to the highest standards in the industry; our technicians are all fully trained and hold qualifications from the Royal Society of Public Health on Pest Management. 
As an independent family run business we focus on you the customer and we work right across the sector - small domestic jobs to large commercial contracts, we're passionate about what we do and our approach has seen us work for Reading Borough Council, Reading Football Club and many large cooperation's based around the area. 
We do things differently to many other pest control companies; for one, we don't believe that the use of rodenticide within peoples homes is acceptable, especially as many companies will use poison as their first and only means of rodent control across Binfield and Bracknell. We will investigate the situation, using traps to catch the animals and monitor their movements, this means that we are able to identify the entrance point allowing us to bring the infestation to a permanent conclusion - too many pest controllers resort to poison, leaving you with dead bodies in the property and no idea of how they got in. This means that you will go through this again and your stuck in a cycle of infestation, poison, infestation that can go on for years. 
Our philosophy is that our customer is the priority - we provide the type of service that we would want for ourselves. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Removal in Binfield and Bracknell 

Wasp's are a summertime nuisance and one that for many people is terrifying; we aim to get out to you within 24 hours and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our wasp treatments. We do things different here at Reading Pest Control and we will not hike up our charges should we find another wasp nest on your property that requires treatment. These are included within the initial price and our technician will survey your property looking for additional nests and these are included in the guarantee. 
We want you to be pest free and when you use Reading Pest Control - you won't get stung by us. 
Mole coming out of a mole hill

Mole Catching in Binfield and Bracknell 

Rarely seen by us, moles will move about during spring and late summer so its not unusual for phone calls to come in from people who wake up to find the lawn is dotted with molehills. Moles have a early breeding season; around February onwards and so we'll see males digging into fresh ground looking for females. We use traditional traps in our mole catching service for Binfield and Bracknell and because we trap we work on a no catch = no fee basis; if we can't catch your mole then you don't get the bill. 
37 years experience in mole catching means that we always catch. 
Pigeon on a fence

Bird Netting, Proofing and Cleaning in Binfield and Bracknell 

Feral pigeons are a major nuisance no matter where you live in Binfield and Bracknell: originally bred and kept for food these birds are not frightened of man. In fact they live with us as we are still supply them with food; bird feeders, waste and well meaning people ensure that the feral pigeon population is steadily rising. As flock sizes grow, so does pressure for roost and nest sites; balconies, ledges, solar panels all mean a new home for the pigeons and we provide a service where we don't harm the birds, we just void off the area with either netting, spikes or steel mesh preventing the birds from setting up home. 
Don't let pigeons give you the bird - give Reading Pest Control a call. 
Bed bug

Bed Bug Treatments in Binfield and Bracknell 

Bed bugs have a nasty reputation and we associate them with unsanitary conditions which is totally incorrect - these are highly adaptable and highly mobile parasites that hitchhike from continent to continent, travelling with us when we return from business trips and holidays. Bed bugs now have a genetic resistance to many of the insecticides used in their control so we always include extremely high temperatures in our bed bug treatments in Binfield and Bracknell. We believe that successful treatment depends on being as thorough as possible so we will dismantle as much of the bed as we can, using steam and an array of chemicals or we can raise the entire room temperature killing everything within. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call out Reading Pest Control.  

Grey Squirrel Control in Binfield and Bracknell 

The grey squirrel is a common pest right across Binfield and Bracknell and their population is growing rapidly; with two separate breeding seasons each year the population is booming. The female grey squirrel will live within a territory and as they won't tolerate other females what we see twice a year are the young females gnawing their way into lofts and buildings to set up home. Once inside the loft they will shred insulation and any soft items stored in there to build their nest; noise, urine and feaces all make the loft an unhealthy place. We trap squirrels - we will never use poison on them as we prefer to remove the animal and not leave it inside your loft. 

Rat and vermin control in Binfield and Bracknell 

Rats are without doubt our Number 1 pest; the UK's population now stands at around 120 million and its no wonder that they keep us busy, we find that rats will use almost any route they can to get inside our homes. We supply rats with a ready food source, water and warmth and so winter is the peak season for rats inside homes and businesses. We survey and investigate the structure of the affected property, looking for the entrance points, we will include drain surveys as standard for our rat control treatments in Binfield and Bracknell. Around 70% of all our internal infestations originate with a defect underground so it stands to reason if you want a good service then we'll provide you with a detailed examination of your drains as part of our investigation. Trapping the animals confirms our assessment and we can get you 100% rat free - for good! 
Field mouse

Mouse Catching in Binfield and Bracknell 

The most common of the rodent species and the mouse that you'll encounter in Binfield and Bracknell is the field mouse; this is a broad term for different types of wood mice, voles and shrews. Its unlikely that you'll meet house mice in this area and our focus on control is physical proofing - field mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a pencil meaning that if you have mice inside your property, you've got openings allowing them in. As with all rodents, we look to seal these entrance points up, denying access to the inside of your house and keeping you vermin free for the future. We will trap all the mice and not use poison; they are a food source for raptors and so rodenticide should not be used in their control. 

Cockroach control in Binfield and Bracknell 

Cockroaches are on the increase and buying second hand kitchen appliances and food in bulk increases our chances of inadvertently bringing home cockroaches. The female cockroach keeps here eggs in a protective leathery case; this can be glued somewhere safe until the eggs hatch and that can be inside your home. Coming out at night and with a furtive nature, you may not be aware that you are sharing your home with cockroaches until the colony is well established. We use a cocktail of chemicals to eradicate cockroach infestations in Binfield and Bracknell; these insects can spread disease and so its important that we deal with them quickly. 

Professional Waste Clearance from Reading Pest Control 

As pest controllers we deal with some heavy infestations; rodents such as mice and rats along with pigeons will leave a large amount of contamination behind themselves following on from a successful treatment, this waste material will often be too much for most people to be able to deal with. Occasionally we can say that the reason that the problem occurred was down to the sheer amount of waste material lying around, rubbish collects rainwater and provides harbourage for rats and pigeons will nest inside redundant sheds and outbuildings. 
At Reading Pest Control we provide a complete waste management service, carrying out clearance of any contaminated material and we can also take down and clear old worn out sheds and cut back overgrown gardens to prevent rats and mice from moving back in. 
For our commercial customers we can take away old broken equipment, piles of delivery pallets and any waste that may harbour rodents. We will send over copies of the waste transfer notes so you can see that the material has been properly disposed off. 
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Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Reading Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  

Professional local pest control for Binfield and Bracknell   Contact us on  01344 534 311 or email us; liam@aaps.org.uk 

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