Pigeons on a balcony
Tired of sharing your balcony with pigeons? Sick of the mess made by roosting pigeons? We have just installed netting and cleaned up a balcony in Reading, nests removed, dead birds and piles of guano giving the tenant back their outdoor space. 
The latest work from Reading Pest Control. 
At this flat in Reading the tenants had moved in after a delay and in that short space of time the pigeons had beaten them to the balcony; good nesting sites are a premium right across Reading and any quiet space will quickly be invaded and put to use by pigeons. 
This flat had two balconies on the front and rear faces which meant that in the summer months you either had a sunny one to sit on or a shady one to laze the day away on.  
It also meant that you could have a lovely flow of cool air through the flat and as the rear balcony was on the master bedroom, you'd be able to leave the doors open at night - perfect for those hot summer nights. 
Pigeons will move into a space very quickly and as they prefer to live within a flock you will find several nests started in a short space of time. 
We install a translucent net to physically barrier the balcony off: no birds will be able to access the balcony and as the net fibre is clear you forget its there. 
This prevents you from feeling cooped up and it allows the same level of light to filter through: a light airy space that's free from birds. 
A clean, safe pigeon free environment. 
Nesting pigeon
Balcony net
Picture of the finished balcony: all scrubbed and vacuumed off to ensure no solid matter is left behind. Redundant nesting material, feathers and guano removed and in this case dead birds were also lifted up and taken away. 
The area is then washed down and biocided to kill any lingering bacteria and viruses from the pigeons. 
These tenants had a young child and we have left the area clean and free from harm so they have their outdoor space back and somewhere for him to play. 
The net was installed outside of the handrail so if you want to rest your upper body on the railing the net is still away from you creating as much space as we could. 
We carryout bird cleaning services for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the Reading area and all over Berkshire: we aim to get you pest free, clean and safe and to give you back your outdoor space. 
We carryout all manner of bird prevention works: 
spiking and netting are just a small part of the work we carryout. Another large part of our bird control comes from installing anti-roost measures beneath photo voltaic panels on domestic properties ( rooftop PV panels ). 
If you have a problem with pigeons roosting on your property give us a ring and we can see what options we have to rid you of your pest problem. 
Bird control isn't difficult - its messy and it needs to be done to an exact standard. 
Our customers are our priority  
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