Rat in a drain
Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is important - this infestation had been dealt with by another local Wokingham pest control company and this was missed. We found it and bought the rat issue to a conclusion - read more. 
Rats had been an issue in this house for several months; we don't use poison unless as a last resort so when this pest control contractor put down rodenticide to kill the rats and said he'd done the job - he was wrong. 
Previously this house had had a drain camera inspection from the other contractor with no fault found, the cause of the infestation was put down to an open door allowing the rats into the house and poison was used to control the rodents. 
We prefer to trap and investigate rodent infestations, drain surveys are carried out as part of that and we don't charge as for us it may highlight the defect and resolve the situation more quickly. 
After that we lay down coloured tracking dust and monitor the traps so that the rats tell US where THEY are getting in; simple really. 
It was obvious to us that within minutes of arriving it was a drain fault and a cursory inspection showed us the void entrance - from here the rats burrowed through the soil around the pipe until they had got through the buildings walls.  
From there its a easy climb up the cavity wall and into the loft using any openings in that inner part of the cavity wall to get into the interior of the house: in this case the bathroom and the kitchen. 
A few traps and some proofing measures and the job was all done. Here at Reading Pest Control we look further than other pest control companies as our aim is to get you pest free for good. 
Our customers are our priority. 
Damaged pit wall
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