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Pest control is more than controlling rodents and insects, we are the people that get asked to clean up mess caused by roosting pigeons. Pigeons are a major problem in Reading as no-one seeks to control their numbers and if undetected the mess they leave in a building quickly becomes a health hazard. 
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This was a house down on the riverside where they have an ornate belfry on top of the roof; a hatch that leads out onto a platform was accidentally left open for a few weeks. 
Reading has a large pigeon population and at night these sub divide into flocks, each flock will have its own desired roosting sites and once in residence they can become very difficult to dissuade from coming back. 
They will certainly take advantage of any new sites that offer shelter from the elements - like an open door into a belfry. 
We carryout bird management all over Reading, moving pigeons off a property is only half the story, you then have to keep them away. We install bird resistant netting and spikes to physically prevent the birds from gaining access into an area. 
As part of providing bird management across Reading we clean up the mess left behind: bird waste which is called guano, left over nesting materials and dead birds. This mass of organic matter is infested with beetles, worms and grubs along with some nasty bacteria and even viruses. 
Safety is our priority for our technicians and we sheet up the indoors areas where we will be operating along with wearing PPE for our technicians, once we start cleaning up it all comes together. 
This job involved us removing all the items stored in the loft below the belfry, cleaning up the guano inside and sorting through the items - some for disposal and the rest to go back inside the loft. 
We also cleaned up about a foot of guano that had built up on the platform accessed through the door and then set about washing all the surfaces where the birds had defecated with a strong disinfectant. 
We got this all cleaned up in two days and a skip load for the tip, we carryout bird control work in Reading and all over Berkshire so if you have birds roosting on your workplace or on a domestic balcony don't wait and leave it as things will just get worse. 
Pigeons carry a lot of harmful organisms and their droppings form a health and safety issue as they are slippery and this can be the cause of accidents. 
Pigeon guano also rots away both metals and stonework as it is very acidic - birds do not urinate they excrete uric acid in the form of white crystals. These are the white splashes that you can see and this acid etches the surfaces it lands on causing long term damage to wood, stone and vehicle paintwork. 
There is also a distinctive unpleasant smell attached to large quantities of bird droppings; we use biocides that have been perfumed to help alleviate the smell, but once removed the air should freshen in time. 
Reading Pest Control - whatever the size of your bird problem get in touch and we can provide a no obligation quote to get your clean and free from birds. 
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