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Today we attended a house in Caversham for a report of a rat infestation in a kitchen, as UB40 once asked, there's a rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do?  
The number of rats in our UK streets are constantly on the rise, despite our efforts to keep the streets clean these animals are opportunists and will stop at nothing to ensure they are fed, given shelter along with the opportunity to reproduce. The reason rats are so successful is because they have learnt where humans go, there will be an endless supply of food, water & shelter. So, the answer to the question; it is down to us why there are so many rats around Caversham and in Reading Town Centre, because if we didn’t throw our unwanted lunch on the floor they would find it difficult to find sustenance and if we ensured that weak spots in our infrastructure had been done properly then it would be difficult for them to find a safe place to call home. 
A broader answer to the question will follow; Caversham is a short walk to Reading Town Centre and the rats in Reading are a similar size population to our country’s main cities like London, Birmingham & Manchester.  
Reading is an ideal place for rats, we have areas of countryside but we also have the busy city life that the rats thrive on, along with the Thames and river Loddon that flows through the region. 
The addition of the beautiful English weather we all love so much means there is always a constant supply of freshwater, not to mention the still water we provide for them; ponds, birdbaths and even leaving containers full of water and even a leaking overflow pipe. 
Rats are a problem for everyone not just you! However, there are things we can do about it. Make sure there is no waste along the external wall and ensure gardens, driveways and surrounding areas are kept clean and tidy. Rats will gnaw through plastic air bricks, concrete and mild steel so check for holes and building defects such as build-overs, old pipe networks and as previously mentioned; plastic air-bricks. 
Are you hearing things under your floors or in your ceiling? Would you would like a survey to determine what pest we are dealing with and how best to tackle it? 
Feel free to call us on 07491 247 999 
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