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One of the many services that we supply is pigeon and bird proofing solutions, once birds move onto a site they quickly make a mess with their guano deposits and nesting material. On top of that dead birds will accumulate and before you know it there's a serious health issue and contractors like aircon engineers will refuse to work on the site. 
This was an estate agents property and two sets of pigeons had moved in and started nesting where the fascia boards create a shelter, prospective customers were stood in a layer of bird poo when looking through the shop window and the birds kept on defecating over the windows. They had to go! 
When we look at bird control we always talk in terms of pressure - light pressure is where birds have started to perch and there are no nests built. Easy to dislodge at this time and placing bird spikes on the perch points will move them on and away. 
Heavy pressure like we had here is where birds have built nests and will start to raise a brood, if you were to remove the mess and place spikes the birds would drop twigs and rubbish into the frame of the spikes building a nest within the deterrent. 
The only way to prevent the birds from continuing to use the site is to clear away the guano and then stretch a net across the area building a physical barrier that the birds can't get past. 
The net is secured to a stainless steel wire frame and we use a translucent fibre so the impact of the net is reduced to the human eye: for those people who work in this part of the building they will soon forget it's there and look past it without recognition. 
We carryout bird proofing and guano clean ups all over Reading and Berkshire, no job too small or too big. We carryout a lot of installions and clean ups on domestic balconies as the birds will move onto a site as soon as a property is vacated. 
We've known people to come back from a two week holiday to find that their balcony is now home to half a dozen feral pigeons. 
Bird proofing
If you have a pigeon problem then give us a call and we can look at the options and offer a clean up service - don't let pigeons spoil your home or business. 
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