Loft clearance in Reading – pigeon problem fully resolved 

We are a pest control company that is here to support you through what can turn out to be something more than a simple callout to deal with a wasp nest; if you’ve had the misfortune to have had either rodents or pigeons living in your loft, you’re probably been left with the aftermath in the form of droppings, faeces, dead animals and whatever else. 

Pest removal in Reading 

We provide a full pest control service from the initial pest removal right through to assistance in cleaning up and removing contaminated material left behind. Rats, mice, and squirrels will defecate all over the loft when they are infesting a property, their droppings and urine contain harmful bacteria and viruses which pose a hazard to health. Along with that there is the lingering smell of urine and, if rodenticide was used you may have dead rats rotting in the loft; all this combined with their natural odour means that your house may end up smelling long after the rodent problem has gone away. 
When the problem is pigeons living in a loft or other void area you have a similar problem; there maybe dead birds up there, along with a plentiful amount of droppings and all of the nesting material. All this matter poses another risk to health and you will find that contractors like plumbers and air conditioning engineers will refuse to work in such unsanitary conditions, and who can blame them? 

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Rats or mice in the loft? 


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Health hazards from pests 

It goes without saying that all animal faeces whether avian or rodent will contain harmful bacteria, however rats carry a particularly nasty bacteria in their urine which leads to a medical condition called Weils Disease and this will be present in the early stages of any rat infestation. 

Weils Disease 

The bacteria that cause Weils Disease is known as leptospirosis, this bacteria affects the kidneys and is one of the most widespread transmitted diseases from animals to humans. To contract Weils Disease you need to an open wound and so for many contractors, as a risk assessment they simply will not work in an infested environment due to the high degree of harm to themselves. Weils Disease has a wide variety of symptoms with the result being serious long term health issues like kidney failure and in severe cases even death. You can protect yourself from contracting Weils Disease through preventative measures like covering cuts and the wearing of work gloves, however, you cannot foresee every eventuality. One accidental cut or that nail sticking out of a joist could result in you contracting this disease, so the best form of protection is to clean and sanitise the area. 
Weils Disease is a complex and dangerous, more information can be found on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Site: 


Pigeon guano is a nutrient rich matter that contains a high level of moisture and this readily becomes a fertile breeding ground for fungus, one of these fungi; histoplasma capsulatum grows in pigeon droppings and releases large amounts of airborne spores. When these spores are inhaled lung infections will be the result, histoplasmosis is a disease that is similar to pneumonia but can spread throughout the body to infect areas like the brain, eyes, liver and bone marrow. There is no way to vaccinate against histoplasmosis and the best way to protect yourself against it, is once again, the cleaning up off the environment and the removal of all the guano to make the area safe for workers and homeowners. 
Histoplasmosis is just one of many nasty bacteria that can be found in pigeon droppings, others include E. Coli, Salmonella, Crytococcus and Chlamydia. 
For more information on the hazards from Histoplasmosis you can click on the button to visit the MedicineNet website 

Pigeon guano clean up in Reading 

This property was situated just off the Oxford Road, one of your traditional terraced houses and there had been a pigeon problem for some time. The property is rented, and the previous tenants never bought the matter to the Landlords attention, so the problem escalated. New tenants moved in and immediately complained about the pigeons in the loft, to which the Landlord had the roof repaired and the pigeons evicted. 
The Landlord was concerned over the hazards posed by the guano build up and we were asked to go in and clean out the droppings, contaminated insulation and get rid of old stored items which had been abandoned in the loft. 
Pigeon guano in loft
The guano was scraped up and vacuumed to remove the deposits, the white staining is urea as pigeons do not have a bladder and they defecate their waste liquid which shows up as white splotches, this is wire brushed off joists and woodwork. 
Part of the ceiling was lath and plaster; part was modern plasterboard so we had to be careful as lath and plaster can become brittle over time and large areas can collapse into the room below. It is not recommended to disturb the plaster finish too much so we removed as much of a granular insulation as we could. 
Once we had all of the guano, feathers, eggs and bodies out of the loft we sprayed the area with biocide to kill off any remaining bacteria or viruses; all of the waste material was disposed off at a refuse centre and brand-new modern insulation was fitted between the joists. 

Post infestation cleaning in Reading and across Berkshire 

We provide a competitive post infestation cleaning service in Reading and throughout the south east of England for both domestic and commercial customers, if you’ve had a problem with rats or pigeons and you want a fresh start then give us a ring and we can provide a free survey along with a no obligation quote. 
We have years of experience in pest control, all of our technicians are fully qualified, and we equip them with all the correct PPE and material to get the job done. 
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