Wasp building a nest in Reading
With yesterday being the hottest day of the year so far, we are seeing a huge increase in call outs for rats and wasp nests in Reading. As soon as we enter June there is a huge burst of activity from ranging from a variety of pests; rats, wasps, hornets & cockroaches, along with our friend the bee. The summer brings food, warmth and longer days, with water being scarce rats will come out of the homes in Reading and live in the warm outdoors with all of theirs needs at the tip of their toes. Wasps in Reading are high in numbers due to the surrounding rural areas and of course the water courses that flow throughout Berkshire. 
We are available 7 days a week for Hortnet & Wasp nest treatments in Reading and surrounding areas, some of these include; Twyford, Woodley, Wokingham, Bracknell, Tilehurst, Coley, Shinfield, Whitley and of course many more. Asian hornets have been spotted in Cornwall recently with some being mistaken for hummingbirds due to their wide wingspan and being up to 5cm long! The sunshine gives the wasps energy like a plant using photosynthesis to harness energy from UV rays. 
The population of rats in Reading are sky high, during the winter months the rats tend to try and find shelter and warmth in our infrastructure around Reading and throughout the Berkshire area.  
The sun now beats down from 4:30am till 9:30pm which means for the rats there is little standing water for them to drink, the warm loft in the winter is now a raging furnace making it almost inhabitable, so the rats venture outside into our gardens, car parks and other cool areas. 
Our technicians at Reading Pest Control (part of All Aspects Pest Control LTD) are trained to relocate bees as they are crucial to the survival of the human race. Bees are very active throughout the summer as flowers and crops blossom it is time for pollination, the heat means that the pollen count is higher and with the strong winds flowing the bees are collecting pollen on their journeys, the extreme heat means that the bees are sometimes found exhausted, if you see a bee who seems a bit fatigued, save a life and give them some sugar water. 
If you need bees relocating, hornets eliminated, or a wasp nest removed in Reading and the surrounding areas mentioned previously then please give us a call on 07491 247 999. 
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