There’s enough to do in business without worrying about those ‘unforeseen scenarios’ and having rats inside a warehouse or cockroaches in a kitchen are the type of things that we take care off, whatever type of business that you manage you can rely on us to manage any potential pests. 
We take care of everything pest related for you, if it’s a problem with pigeons then we can install netting to keep them away and we will clean up contaminated areas to keep the workplace safe and manage your responsibilities to your staff. 
When it comes to the rodents like rats and mice, we provide a system of routine visits with secure poison stations, we also practice Integrated Pest Management that works to maintain the properties integrity, actively preventing an infestation before the monitoring picks it up. IPM means that we look at the building, the site and potential risks which may increase the chance of a future infestation. 
Reading Bridge
The buildings – We make small repairs where necessary, that broken air brick that could allow a mouse to enter; fixed. The rotten warehouse door that no-one uses? If its got weak at the base we will plate that to prevent a rat from gnawing through. 
The site – We look at what needs doing to keep the internal areas free from pests; for example overhanging vegetation can be cut away from the buildings to stop rodents climbing up onto the roof. This is often an easy access point for rats and mice and something which we look closely at. 
The risks – New storage solutions like metal containers are often bought into the area, the void space beneath is an ideal place for rats so we will bait under the container to prevent rodents from moving in. We also have the capability to remove waste, if pallets are piling up along with redundant items we can get rid of this reducing harbourage and lowering the risk of rodents. 
Do you need a pest control monitoring contract? 
The answer is most likely yes you do, running a business these days is all about compliance with legislation; fail to meet your legal obligations and the outcome can be disastrous.  
You’ve got enough to do without worrying about pests but if you run a business with more than five staff you should have written risk assessments for health and safety. What better way to meet that obligation but have a professional pest control company maintaining a pest free work environment? 
If your business is related to the food supply industry: retail, storage, production and handling then you’re required to meet Food Safety Acts and Hygiene Regulations and by having a monitoring contract we can assist you with that responsibility. 
Our inspections are carried out on a regular basis and together with IPM we maintain the highest standards in pest control. 
Case Study 1 
We monitor a convieience store in Reading that had a history of rat infestations in the store area to the rear of the shop. This area was a warren of small rooms and a corridor which was used by other businesses, we identified a problem with the external door and plated that but still the problem persisted. We then looked at the store rooms with outside walls, moving stock and checking the entire area; this led us to a boxed in downpipe. On opening up the boxing we found that the two walls that made up the corner were exactly that, two sperate walls with a three inch gap between them. Now that we sealed up this gap the store rooms are 100% secure and there has been no more signs of rats - that’s what we want and that’s what our customer wants. 
Case study 2 
We took on a exclusive country hotel in Berkshire that had a problem with rodents accessing the space below the floorboards on the ground floor and occasionallygetting inside the basement.  
We set about clearing out some rubbish from the rear of the hotel which was giving the rodents a protected route to the hotel walls, we also fixed some small unnoticed defects and meshing over voids where ducts and pipes ran through the outside wall.  
This work combined with a robust program of rodent management means that we have got the hotel pest free ever since. 
This is IPM at work - and it does work! 
If you have a business in Reading or elsewhere in Berkshire, we provide low cost pest control to allow you to concentrate on what you do best. 
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