We were called out to a house in Woodley that had rats in the kitchen, the householder was very distressed as we only had a week to go before Christmas and they had all the family coming to stay - time was an issue on this job. 
They had had a previous rat control treatment from another company; two visits and that was all which had left them with a dead rat rotting beneath one of the kitchen units. We had to break open the plinth at the base of the unit to remove the rat which was causing a lot of the distress, they had also seen rats in the kitchen so we set some traps in this void. 
This was a detached bungalow so we quickly determined that the only access point could be below ground; the couple living here had only been in the place for a few months so we had no historical information to work on. 
The drain camera picked up what looked like popcorn in the drains which ran under a 'lean-to' style extension that ran between the house and the garage. We looked at the style of the neighbour's property and worked out that this area held the original waste opening for the kitchen. Many of the properties had extensions and the kitchens moved but beneath our feet, there would be a drain opening. 
We had to remove the lino and cut through sheets of plywood but it was quickly apparent that the rats got into the house under the lean-to: what we could see in the drain was the insulation placed under the floor. 
Drain with insulation
Once we had found the drain we blocked it up for good and set traps throughout the area; over the next three days we caught four rats and as no-more activity was apparent we picked up the traps and left - two days before Christmas. 
At Reading Pest Control we don't use poison straight away, nor do we offer special seasonal "offers" on rodent treatment - what we do is provide you with proper pest control, we trap and investigate to actually resolve the problem to leave you rat or mouse free. We say that our customers are our priority and we mean it. 
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