It is not just about putting poison down to eradicate rats, when there is clear evidence that rats in the sewer are possibly infesting your property, treating the access point is vital to prevent future ingress. 
We were called out to a property in Kendrick Road which had a serious issue with rats in the kitchens on the ground, first and second floors; with any rodent infestation we always carryout an external survey first as the likely access point is via a breach to the cavity wall. Rats and mice will use the cavity to climb through the building and enter the interior where pipes cut through if the holes are large enough to allow them in. 
The first thing we found (well, it was right where we had parked) was a hole in the tarmac at the junction of the carpark surface and the exterior wall; this lead straight down and was devoid of rubbish, leaves and cobwebs which is a sure sign that this is an active route for the rodent species that's causing the problem. 
The hole was in line with a drain cover so we slipped the lid off and found heavy rat fouling along the benching and mud coming out of a lateral drain. We needed to see the fault in greater detail and determine whether or not this drain is still in use, so we carried out a CCTV survey of the buildings drainage system and discovered the fault. 
Just along the lateral drain the original vitrified clay and been joined to modern plastic pipe and at the junction of the two pipes, the rats had gnawed their way out of the drains into the ground surrounding the pipework. All these pipes sit in a loose gravel trench to protect them from heavy loads and once a rat gets out of the drains then he just follows that void through the walls and into the building. 
At Reading Pest Control we believe in providing the fullest service to you as possible, we look further than our competitors into your rodent problem and putting down poison for the rats is the absolute last thing we do. Putting poison down kills the rats but it doesn't allow you to track their movements and determine the access point - what is the important question asked of us at rat jobs? 
"How are they getting in?" We endeavour to answer that and therefore we go the extra mile to survey and track and work out the answer. 
This job had another pest control contractor working inside using poison in enormous quantities which just meant that all you could smell were rotting rat carcasses in the walls. We sealed up the drain, trapped throughout the building and then poisoned the drains to push back the rat population. 
Our customers are OUR priority – the placement of poison to control rats without determining how they’re getting in and what measures will be made to stop them returning is a short cut to nowhere: no-one should have to accept rats in their property and we believe that poison can only ever be used as a last resort. 
Our aim at Reading Pest Control is to determine where your pests are getting, find and block those routes and get you pest free for good. 
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