Broken pipework
Through years of experience in pest control we know our working area and we have a good idea of the types of drains and drain problems that exist in that area, so when we're called out to a rat infestation we already have a foundation of knowledge to help us pin point the access for rats. 
Rubble in drain
This address was no different, in fact we had done work in that road a couple of years ago so we had a place to start our survey, we were called out to a house in Earley who had a rat problem for over four years: other pest control companies had put down poison to control the infestation but this approach always leads to failure - the question the homeowner should ask is how are the rats getting in and how do we stop it? 
We carried out a drain survey and quickly determined that the fault lay underground where the vitrified clay pipes had shifted and broken, rats live in and use the sewerage system to move around and once they find a break they will investigate any potential source of food or harbourage. 
On discovering a break in the pipes, rats will climb out of the sewer and start digging along the outside of the pipe following it through the void it sits in, into the bottom of the house and from there easy access to the cavity wall and from there, the loft. 
At this property our solution in the short term was to fit a one way drain valve to prevent further inward movement of rats and then to recommend the customer to a drainage expert who can fit a sleeve into the existing pipe and create a solid rat proof system. The property was a rental and had been vacant due to the extent of the rat infestation, without discovery and repairs this house cannot be rented out and therefore no income for the landlord. 
There's no need to accept rats in your home and the straight to poison approach will always fail; all that will happen is that you will kill those rats in residence and more will move in within weeks or months. This case is a classic example of the incorrect use of rodenticide when thorough investigation is all that is required. 
When you choose Reading Pest Control for rats we carryout a full survey of the building including the adjoining properties, following that a drain survey is carried out and this is how we approach rat control in Reading - our customers are our priority and we mean that! 
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